Becky Lynch Confronts WWE Producer After Music Cut on Raw


Becky Lynch Confronts WWE Producer After Music Cut on Raw
Becky Lynch Confronts WWE Producer After Music Cut on Raw

The unpredictable nature of live television can make for thrilling and unexpected moments, as demonstrated last night when Becky Lynch returned to "WWE Raw" only to be interrupted by her own theme music. As she tried to deliver a promo, the untimely music cut her off, prompting Lynch to quickly address the issue backstage.

The former WWE Women's Champion posted a video on her Instagram showing her confronting the person responsible for the premature music. Seemingly resolving the matter, an irate Lynch then struck the sound technician with a powerful forearm, knocking him back into his chair.

Lynch's frustration is understandable, as this marked her first appearance on "Raw" in nearly a month. "The Man" had been absent since her betrayal by Trish Stratus on April 10th, when she and Stratus lost the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship to Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez.

Initially champions with Lita, Lynch defended the titles alongside Stratus after Lita was sidelined by a backstage attack. Stratus later admitted to orchestrating the assault. Although Lynch has since reappeared on television, Lita remains unseen.

Stratus Taunts Becky Lynch on Raw

In the weeks following the betrayal, Stratus has repeatedly appeared on "Raw," launching scathing verbal attacks against Lynch. Her most recent taunt involved mentioning Lynch's two-year-old daughter.

While there has been no official announcement regarding a match between Stratus and Lynch, the ongoing tension between the two suggests a showdown in the ring is imminent. As the world of WWE continues to churn out captivating live TV moments, fans are left to wonder what surprises and developments lie ahead.

With Lynch's return and her ongoing feud with Stratus, viewers can expect intense confrontations and thrilling matches in the coming weeks. And as demonstrated by Lynch's bold backstage encounter, "The Man" is not one to be trifled with, whether in the ring or behind the scenes.

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