Brock Lesnar Exempt from WWE's Drug Policy


Brock Lesnar Exempt from WWE's Drug Policy
Brock Lesnar Exempt from WWE's Drug Policy

Brock Lesnar, a former WWE Champion and UFC Heavyweight Champion, gets away with much more than other WWE superstars. According to recent reports, the company's drug policy doesn't even apply to The Beast Incarnate, which raises some serious questions about the fairness and consistency of the rules within the organization.

Lesnar returned to the world of UFC in July 2016, where he fought Mark Hunt at UFC 200. However, Lesnar failed a drug test, and the victory was overturned to a no contest. While this violates WWE's strict drug policy for most employees, Lesnar has been granted special treatment, as he was not subject to the same rules as others.

Wrestling Observer Radio recently covered this topic, with Dave Meltzer highlighting how the company has bent the rules for Lesnar in the past but not for other WWE stars and employees. Meltzer specifically referenced the case of Billy Gunn, who was fired after testing positive for steroids at a powerlifting meet.

Gunn was not even an active wrestler at the time, yet Lesnar, who was an active wrestler and had failed a drug test, did not face the same consequences.

Lenient Treatment for Brock Lesnar

Meltzer explained that the rules for Lesnar seem different across the board, not just because he can appear on any brand at any time, but because of the company's willingness to turn a blind eye to his behavior.

He noted that Lesnar's failed drug test should have resulted in a suspension from commission states that regulate wrestling, but this did not happen, and Lesnar was still allowed to perform at WrestleMania. These revelations raise serious questions about the fairness and consistency of WWE's drug policy and why Lesnar seems exempt from its rules.

While Lesnar is undoubtedly a talented performer, all employees must be subject to the same standards and regulations, regardless of their status within the company. Lesnar's star power has shielded him from facing the same consequences as others within WWE.

However, it is imperative that the company takes a closer look at its policies and ensures that everyone is held to the same high standards of behavior and performance, regardless of their celebrity status. Until then, questions will be raised about the company's commitment to fair play and its duty of care to its employees.

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