Savio Vega: WWE Star Aids Backlash Comeback

Puerto Rican Legend Returns in Stunning WWE Backlash.

by Noman Rasool
Savio Vega: WWE Star Aids Backlash Comeback

Saturday's WWE Backlash event in San Juan, Puerto Rico, featured a thrilling surprise as hometown hero Savio Vega made a triumphant return to the company. Vega's first appearance was in a backstage segment where he presented Bad Bunny with a custom Puerto Rican flag kendo stick.

Later, he assisted the returning Carlito and The LWO in fending off Judgment Day, allowing Bunny to emerge victorious in the San Juan Street Fight against Damian Priest. The unexpected comebacks of Vega and Carlito electrified the hometown crowd, generating immense excitement.

In a recent interview with Cultaholic's Tom Campbell, Vega disclosed that Priest and Bunny conceived the idea for his unique appearance, with Priest providing more input. Vega fondly remembered meeting Priest during WWE Survivor Series in November, where they attended WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker's retirement.

Vega and Priest have maintained contact ever since.

Priest, Bunny Plan Vega's Return

Vega recounted, "They contacted me because this is the mastermind of Damian Priest and Bad Bunny. They're both fans of me, and I discovered that when I went to the farewell of The Undertaker.

I saw Damian Priest there and approached him, saying, 'Hey man, how you doing? I want to take a picture with you.' He replied, 'No, I want to take a picture with you.' We had a brief conversation and have kept in touch by phone since then.

This idea was theirs, mostly Damian Priest's." Once the Bunny vs. Priest singles match was confirmed, WWE contacted Vega to arrange his unique appearance. During the event, Vega channeled his inner Kwang character, taking out Finn Balor with his signature chops.

Vega mentioned that Balor was instrumental in incorporating this aspect into the performance, having expressed his admiration for the Kwang character during a backstage meeting. The Backlash event in San Juan showcased incredible wrestling action and celebrated the contributions of Puerto Rican stars like Vega, Carlito, and Bad Bunny.

Their combined efforts elevated the excitement and further endeared them to their hometown fans. Vega's return, in particular, is a testament to the enduring appeal and influence of seasoned wrestlers in the ever-evolving world of WWE.