Supernova Sessions Set for NXT Comeback Next Week


Supernova Sessions Set for NXT Comeback Next Week
Supernova Sessions Set for NXT Comeback Next Week

Fans familiar with the discontinued "WWE NXT UK" brand will remember Supernova Sessions, the talk show hosted by Noam Dar. As Dar has now joined the "WWE NXT" brand, audiences in the United States will have the opportunity to experience the interview segment first-hand next week.

Dar interrupted a backstage segment featuring Dragon Lee during this week's show, inviting the high-flying wrestler to the premiere U.S. edition of Supernova Sessions. Dar addressed their previous altercation with Lee, saying, "You and I have got off on the wrong foot." Referring to his and JD McDonagh's attack on Lee on May 2, Dar continued, "I am a better man and want to offer you the prestigious opportunity — you're going to envy the entire locker room after next week.

Dragon Lee, I choose you to be the first official guest of the relaunched Supernova Sessions." Boasting about his talk show, Dar called Supernova Sessions "the most loved and revered talk show" in WWE history before seeking Lee's response to the invitation.

The segment concluded with Lee accepting the offer.

Dar Seeks Heritage Cup Challenger Session

Since debuting on the "NXT brand" last month, Dar has been looking for a new challenger for his rebranded Heritage Cup Championship, which he has held since July 2022.

The title has yet to be defended since Dar's victory over Mark Coffey in a British Rounds Match last summer. At one point, rumors circulated that the title would be protected at the "NXT" vs. "NXT UK" themed Worlds Collide event in September, but that did not materialize.

Dar has participated in only one televised match since his "NXT" debut, defeating Miles Borne in a non-title game on April 18. At a recent "NXT" live event, he joined forces with Damon Kemp, Dijak, and Tavion Heights in an eight-person match against Hank Walker, Lucien Price, Tank Ledger, and Wes Lee.

As anticipation for the relaunch of Supernova Sessions builds, fans eagerly await the talk show's debut on the "WWE NXT" brand. With Dragon Lee as the first guest, viewers can expect an engaging and entertaining segment that could set the stage for future rivalries and storylines.

Noam Dar's arrival in "WWE NXT" brings a fresh dynamic to the brand, and Supernova Sessions is set to become an essential part of the weekly programming.

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