Ex-WWE Star's 12-Year Comeback for Judgment Day at 40

WWE rivalry intensifies with Chris Masters' possible comeback.

by Atia Mukhtar
Ex-WWE Star's 12-Year Comeback for Judgment Day at 40

Over the weekend at WWE Backlash, the Latino World Order (LWO) enlisted Carlito's help. The former United States Champion emerged as a game-changer for Bad Bunny in his face-off against Damian Priest. Carlito's return enabled the Rey Mysterio-led LWO to triumph over Dominik Mysterio and Finn Balor.

Judgment Day may feel compelled to counteract this move similarly. While Carlito's long-term involvement remains uncertain, the situation demands attention. If he continues threatening Judgment Day, the infamous group may consider bringing one of Carlito's old allies on board.

Masters' Potential WWE Comeback

Absent from WWE since his 2011 release, Chris Masters' potential return could help level the playing field in this intriguing rivalry. The 40-year-old wrestler has expressed interest in rejoining the company and has campaigned for a Royal Rumble appearance.

However, his involvement with The Judgment Day could prove more impactful, allowing him to compete with some of the industry's finest. Carlito's WWE comeback has already generated over two million views on YouTube. His surprise appearance at Backlash in Puerto Rico elicited one of the night's loudest cheers.

The video highlighting his return has garnered significant traction on WWE's official YouTube channel. Therefore, WWE will likely capitalize on his popularity by including him in this week's RAW or SmackDown events. As the recent Draft changes take effect tonight on RAW, the timing seems ideal for The Judgment Day to expand their ranks.

By incorporating a new member, the group can prevent the LWO from meddling in their affairs again. The addition of Chris Masters could bolster The Judgment Day's lineup and reignite the career of a wrestler eager to step back into the WWE spotlight. With high stakes, fans eagerly await the next chapter in this compelling story.

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