WWE Reveals SmackDown Stars for Heavyweight Title Tournament


WWE Reveals SmackDown Stars for Heavyweight Title Tournament
WWE Reveals SmackDown Stars for Heavyweight Title Tournament

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) organization has officially unveiled the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament lineup, set to take place this Friday on the popular television program "WWE SmackDown." The announcement was made through a tweet featuring a graphic that detailed the two triple-threat matches.

The first match will pit Edge against AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio, while the second match will see Bobby Lashley, Sheamus, and United States Champion Austin Theory face off. The winners of each of these exciting matches will then advance to the main event of "SmackDown," where they will battle for the chance to compete for the newly introduced title at WWE's Night of Champions event, scheduled for later this month.

Rollins Awaits SmackDown Victor

On the "WWE Raw" program this past Monday, Seth Rollins emerged victorious from his triple threat match and later secured a spot in the finals by winning the main event. Rollins eagerly awaits his opponent, who will be determined by the winner of the "SmackDown" side of the tournament.

The creation of the new WWE world title and the accompanying tournament to crown its inaugural champion was announced by wrestling icon Triple H during a segment on "Raw" late last month. In his announcement, Triple H emphasized the importance of this new title to the WWE Universe, stating, "This will be a champion you can be proud of, a champion you can respect, that you can admire.

This champion will defend this championship anywhere, any place, any time, all over the world." The introduction of this new title marks a significant milestone for "Raw," as it now has a world championship on its show for the first time since Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar to unify the WWE Championship and Universal Championship at WrestleMania 38.

After the titles were unified, Reigns, the promotion's top champion, primarily appeared on "SmackDown" with the title belts. However, he has occasionally appeared on "Raw" to advance certain storylines. With the stage set for the World Heavyweight Championship Tournament on "WWE SmackDown," fans eagerly await the outcome of the intense triple threat matches and the subsequent main event.

Whichever wrestler emerges victorious will be honored to compete for the prestigious title at the Night of Champions event, further solidifying their place in WWE history.

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