Wrestling Mends The Rock's Father-Daughter Bond

Dwayne Johnson credits wrestling for strengthening familial ties, especially with Ava.

by Noman Rasool
Wrestling Mends The Rock's Father-Daughter Bond

Renowned WWE legend and Hollywood sensation, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, recently credited pro wrestling as the linchpin that held his family together, with a special emphasis on his bond with his eldest daughter, Simone Johnson, known to WWE NXT fans as Ava from The Schism.

In a candid conversation on The Pivot, Johnson reflected on the tumultuous period following Ava's birth in August 2001. During that time, he juggled his intense pro wrestling career with his burgeoning entry into Hollywood.

Simultaneously, he was negotiating his relationship with Ava and her mother, Dany Garcia, his ex-wife, and enduring business associate. Johnson opened up about the unique dynamic he shared with Ava during her early years. He described their relationship as a growth journey, simultaneously navigating his demanding career and fatherhood.

"I had so much going on. So, I like to say me and Simone grew up together," he shared.

Ava's Wrestling Career Revives Bond

Johnson confessed that the pressures of his lifestyle had strained their relationship. Nonetheless, he maintained a constant effort to keep their bond intact.

Fast forward to the present, and Ava's decision to follow in her father's footsteps and enter the wrestling world has, according to Johnson, revitalized their relationship. "It's brought us closer together. So, in a way, it's helped save that relationship too.

In many ways, pro wrestling has been my family's savior," Johnson said, attributing his family's harmony to the unifying power of pro wrestling. At 18, Ava embarked on her wrestling career in February 2020, starting her training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Her television debut occurred on October 26, 2022, as she joined The Schism. Since then, she has only participated in two wrestling matches. The journey of The Rock and Ava illustrates how the wrestling world has shaped their individual careers and influenced their personal lives, strengthening their father-daughter relationship.

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