Mia Yim to become fully Interactive in Upcoming WWE


Mia Yim to become fully Interactive in Upcoming WWE
Mia Yim to become fully Interactive in Upcoming WWE

WWE Games, via their official Twitter account, recently unveiled exciting news for the fans of the famous WWE 2K23 video game. The much-anticipated character of Mia Yim, also known by her ring name Michin, will soon be fully playable in the game.

This will be made possible in the forthcoming game patch, which is expected to roll out shortly. Notably, Michin's addition to the game is free of charge, making it a delightful surprise for the WWE gaming community. This announcement marks the first instance of a complimentary character Downloadable Content (DLC) for WWE 2K23.

This unique move by the developers has left fans curious and excited about the prospect of similar updates in the future. However, the game's developers have kept their cards close to their chest, revealing no further plans for free DLCs.

Despite this element of suspense, it's no secret that the game will also feature paid DLC. The first package of paid DLC will be released shortly after the game's launch, with more to follow.

Yim Joins Acclaimed WWE 2K23 Roster

WWE 2K23 has been met with positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

This acclaim comes despite some WWE stars voicing discontent about their portrayal in the game. With the addition of Yim, the game's roster is further enriched, boasting a broad spectrum of WWE talent. This includes big names like Cody Rhodes and John Cena and emerging stars such as Dominik Mysterio and Zoey Stark.

Mia Yim's journey with WWE has seen its ups and downs. She was let go from WWE in 2021 after being a part of the notorious Retribution stable. However, she decided to return to the company the following year. Upon her return, she adopted the name Michin and teamed up with AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows, members of the O.C.

After her comeback, Michin was drafted to "WWE SmackDown" just last month with the rest of her group. She was last seen on the show accompanying Gallows and Anderson to the ring for their tag team match against the Viking Raiders.

This update to WWE 2K23 cements her renewed presence in the WWE universe, bringing the fans closer to the in-ring action.

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