WWE's Edge Reveals Retirement Plan


WWE's Edge Reveals Retirement Plan
WWE's Edge Reveals Retirement Plan

Edge, the renowned WWE superstar, is one of six illustrious wrestlers slated to compete in the upcoming episode of SmackDown on May 12th. This event features the new World Heavyweight Championship tournament, a pinnacle of professional wrestling.

The path to victory will not be easy, as Edge must first triumph in a triple-threat match against formidable opponents Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles. Edge took to social media to share a heartfelt video ahead of this high-stakes competition.

In it, he outlines his intentions and motivations, inspired by recent conversations surrounding Cody Rhodes' retirement plans. Edge expresses an awareness that his retirement is on the horizon, a reality he faces with humility and ambition.

Edge Attention

Notably, Edge draws attention to the striking physical resemblance between the new world title belt and the coveted 'big gold belt' that he had to surrender upon his initial retirement in 2011. He was never allowed to regain that honor, which appears to fuel his current resolve.

For Edge, there would be no more fitting end to his illustrious career than to retire while holding the new title, symbolically reclaiming what he once lost. While the wrestling world focuses on SmackDown, another feud unfolds in the NBA.

Patrick Beverley, a player known for his relentless defense, continues his longstanding rivalry with Chris Paul, one of the NBA's most celebrated point guards. Beverley's animosity towards Paul is well-documented, ranging from physical altercations during the 2021 NBA Western Conference Finals to public criticism of Paul's playing style.

Despite their respective career trajectories and achievements, the tension between them remains as palpable as ever, a testament to the enduring competitiveness of professional sports. In a surprising turn of events, Grayson Waller, a recent SmackDown draftee from NXT, responded to Edge's video with a provocative tweet.

Waller hinted at a potential involvement in Edge's plans, sparking speculation and further intrigue. His message read, "I have so many questions- if only I had a talk show that would allow that to happen," suggesting an interest in exploring this narrative further.

This development adds another layer of complexity to the already compelling storyline, ensuring that the upcoming SmackDown event is one to be noticed.