Legal Hurdles Precede CM Punk's AEW Comeback


Legal Hurdles Precede CM Punk's AEW Comeback
Legal Hurdles Precede CM Punk's AEW Comeback

The wrestling world is eagerly anticipating the return of the former two-time All Elite Wrestling (AEW) World Champion, CM Punk. AEW is set to unveil its new Saturday night TV show, 'Collision,' with Punk slated to make his grand return on the inaugural episode.

The program is scheduled to debut on Saturday, June 17th, emanating from the wrestling hotspot of Chicago. On the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite, owner Tony Khan tantalized fans with a teaser for another major announcement set for next week.

Speculation is rampant that this could be the official confirmation of 'Collision's' debut. However, whether the big reveal will specifically include the announcement of Punk's return remains to be seen.
When CM Punk does step back into the AEW spotlight on 'Collision,' it will mark his first appearance on AEW programming since the tumultuous AEW All Out pay-per-view event in September 2022—that night proved to be a watershed moment for Punk, filled with triumph and controversy.

Ace Steele's Controversial AEW Exit

In the heated altercation at All Out, Punk was backed up by his friend and then AEW Producer, Ace Steele. Steele's involvement led to his termination from AEW after he threw a chair that gave Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks a black eye and even bit Kenny Omega in the arm during the chaotic brawl.

These incidents occurred over eight months ago, and CM Punk has since undergone surgery for his torn triceps. As the wrestling community awaits his return, Punk is widely expected to be fully healed and ready to reassert his dominance in the AEW landscape.

While the stage is set for his return, it remains to be seen how Punk's past actions will play into his future in AEW. Will his controversial history with The Elite reignite old feuds, or will Punk chart a new path as he steps back into the AEW ring? Only time will tell.

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