Pretty Deadly Overjoyed by WWE Draft, Unaware of Their New Show

Pretty Deadly transitions to the main roster amid high excitement.

by Atia Mukhtar
Pretty Deadly Overjoyed by WWE Draft, Unaware of Their New Show

Following an intense episode on "WWE NXT" Spring Breakin', where they were locked in a trunk and later tossed into a lake by Tony D'Angelo and Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo, former "NXT" Tag Team Champions, Pretty Deadly, comprised of Kit Wilson and Elton Prince, experienced a thrilling turnaround.

They surfaced from the water to be called to the main roster during the momentous 2023 WWE Draft. In an interview with "Busted Open Radio," the dynamic duo admitted that the excitement was so overpowering that they initially failed to comprehend which brand they were assigned to.

Only minutes after the announcement, they discovered they would join the esteemed "WWE SmackDown" brand. Prince recounted the incident with amusement, "It's a bit of a blur. We heard 'Elton,' and then it was as though everything else went in one ear and out the other.

Only after we had a moment to sit down we pieced together which brand we were now a part of. The thrill of knowing we were moving up was all-encompassing."

Pretty Deadly's Anticipated Promotion

Wilson and Prince had been written off from "NXT" the week before, an event they interpreted as a harbinger of their potential elevation.

While no assurance was offered, the pair felt their chances of receiving the call were high. As they prepare to make their mark on "SmackDown," the duo acknowledges the responsibility and thrill this new venture brings. There is an undercurrent of nervous anticipation, but the overriding sentiment is excitement.

Wilson shared his thoughts, "Every time we step into new territory, it's like a puzzle we need to solve. We need to adapt, to be ourselves, and, of course, aim for the gold." As they enter this new career phase, they plan to stay true to their essence - to be Pretty Deadly.

"We're just going to put the pedal to the metal if you will," Wilson concluded, a sentiment that encapsulates their determined approach to seize this golden opportunity.

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