Ken Anderson: Shaping Wrestling's Future

Ken Anderson, AKA Mr. Kennedy, Transforms Wrestling's Future Through His Innovative Training Techniques

by Noman Rasool
Ken Anderson: Shaping Wrestling's Future

Former WWE star, Ken Anderson, better known to fans as Mr. Kennedy, recently delved into his influential role as a wrestling trainer on the Kurt Angle Show podcast. Anderson, who has made significant strides in his post-ring career, discussed his training work with up-and-coming wrestlers, including Olympic Gold Medalist, Gable Steveson.

Steveson, a recent convert to professional wrestling, has been under the expert tutelage of Anderson for some time. Drawing comparisons to Kurt Angle's rapid grasp of the sport, Anderson praised Steveson's ability to quickly understand and adapt to the multi-faceted world of professional wrestling.

"He’s really taken to it," Anderson shared on the podcast, recounting how Steveson quickly corrected his technique after an initial mistake. "He's one of those guys who, I remember, took his first bump, and when he got up the wrong way, he instantly corrected himself, almost perfectly the first time."

Ken Anderson's Impact as Trainer

Anderson went on to draw parallels between Steveson and Kurt Angle, who is widely revered for his immediate grasp of the business.

"People often say that Kurt took to the business like nobody they’ve ever seen before, that he got it immediately," Anderson remarked. He commended Steveson's athletic prowess, showmanship, storytelling ability, and character development, commenting, "I feel like Gable is on that path.

He can do great things. He’s young but mature beyond his years, like an old soul in his 30s." But Steveson is not the only notable name to have benefited from Anderson's training. The former WWE star has played a pivotal role in shaping the careers of several prominent wrestlers currently working in the industry.

Anderson has trained Top Flight and Julia Hart from All Elite Wrestling (AEW), as well as Von Wagner and Tiffany Stratton from WWE. "I trained Tiffany Stratton for the first six months that she started," Anderson disclosed.

"There's a couple of other people in WWE, too. Von Wagner, Javier Bernal. Then in AEW, Dante and Darius Martin were our first graduates at The Academy, along with Julia Hart." Through his work as a trainer, Ken Anderson continues to shape the future of professional wrestling, contributing to the sport's evolution and growth.

His expertise and experience in the ring are clearly being passed down, shaping the next generation of wrestling superstars.

Ken Anderson