Fans Outraged as WWE Spoils Major Triple H Dream Match at Live Event


Fans Outraged as WWE Spoils Major Triple H Dream Match at Live Event
Fans Outraged as WWE Spoils Major Triple H Dream Match at Live Event

Wrestling fans are reportedly seething at Triple H and WWE's decision to stage a highly anticipated match at a recent Live Event instead of on RAW. The match featured Gunther, the reigning Intercontinental Champion, defending his title against Johnny Gargano.

In the 2023 Draft, Gunther and his Imperium colleagues Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser were chosen for RAW. Concurrently, Johnny Gargano reassembled with his stablemates from The Way, Indi Hartwell, Candice LeRae, and Dexter Lumis.

These heavyweight contenders now share the same platform, making their clash inevitable. In a thrilling contest that lasted close to ten minutes at the latest Saturday Night's Main Event, Gunther outperformed the former NXT Champion.

Fans were keenly anticipating this match to be broadcasted on RAW. However, WWE might be arranging this bout to ignite a feud between the two.

Fans Unhappy with Off-Screen Showdown

Irrespective of the rationale behind this move, the initial response to the match indicates that fans are dissatisfied.

They eagerly looked forward to witnessing the showdown between Gunther and Johnny Gargano on television. Additionally, several spectators predict Gargano could clinch victory in the Battle Royal slated for the upcoming RAW episode, earning him a chance to compete for the IC Title.

In a related development, RAW's newly drafted star, Matt Riddle, recently expressed his desire to challenge Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship on an episode of RAW Talk. The Original Bro, as he is fondly called, also confessed his ambition to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

"With the WWE Draft just happening with all the new competition here like Gunther and new titles. The World title, the Intercontinental title on RAW, the sky's the limit," said Matt Riddle. As the wrestling world watches with bated breath, it will be fascinating to see who triumphs in the Battle Royal on RAW and earns the right to challenge Gunther for the revered IC Title. The fallout from this decision by WWE promises to make the wrestling circuit even more exciting in the coming days.

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