Saraya's Funeral to Feature 'Friends' and 'The Office' Themes


Saraya's Funeral to Feature 'Friends' and 'The Office' Themes
Saraya's Funeral to Feature 'Friends' and 'The Office' Themes

The esteemed Outcasts leader, Saraya, appeared on the widely popular Wilde On podcast, where she opened up on a rather morbid topic: her vision for her funeral. Known for her wit, the former women's champion didn't shy away from sharing her expectations for her twilight years and the unique send-off she envisages.

Saraya's perspective on funerals is steeped in her British roots, where funerals, though initially melancholy, transition into a celebration of life during the wake. "In England, funerals aren't super sad. They're sad at first when you put the coffin in, but afterward, at the wake, everyone has to get drunk and have a good time," she said, encapsulating her culture's approach to death.

Saraya's Unconventional Funeral Wishes

The wrestling superstar's vision of her farewell is no exception. "So at my funeral, I'm hoping that I'm very old," she shared, adding a comical twist, "And by the time I'm old, that's when I'll start drinking and doing drugs again because I'm already old." But it's her choice of music that underscores her distinctively buoyant spirit.

Saraya professed her love for the iconic sitcom 'Friends,' wishing for its famous theme song, "I'll Be There For You," to play at her funeral. She also mentioned a preference for a piece by 'Ronnie,' and failing that, the theme from 'The Office' was to inject humor into the event and encourage a celebratory atmosphere.

Saraya spoke fondly of Renee, expressing, "That's my girl. I adore her." She continued, revealing how Renee had been instrumental in encouraging her to join AEW and has been a steadfast presence in her life for over a decade.

Saraya ended the discussion on a heartwarming note, comparing their friendship to iconic duos, "She's the Blondie to my Joan Jett, the Wayne to my Garth," a testament to their unshakeable bond.