Darren Young on The Idea He Gave to AEW

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Darren Young on The Idea He Gave to AEW

Even though Darren Young is a former WWE Wrestler and isn’t an active wrestler for any big promotion, he still likes to present his ideas to other promotions. He was a guest at the WINCLY podcast where he talked about presenting an idea to All Elite Wrestling.

Many fans believe that Young will work for AEW, ROH or NJPW one day. He is at the moment not involved with either of them. This is what he had to say about the creative idea he gave. "I've talked to Brandi, I've sent her ideas about teaming with Sonny Kiss.

If no one has ever heard of Sonny Kiss he's an incredible talent. And the story would be like, I'm the big brother, he's the little sister, you know? So no one messes with my little sister Sonny Kiss. I think we could rock-and-roll in AEW as a team.

Me, making sure no one messes with him, me having his back, and him wowing the crowd with his athleticism, and me wowing the crowd with my ground-and-pound attack. "So I presented the idea to Brandi. I sent it to her and creative, I just haven't heard anything back.

Like I said, I'd love to get an answer, as to 'we have nothing for you' so I can just keep it moving, but I haven't gotten anything."