Alexander Wolfe Reveals Reasons for WWE NXT Talent's Reluctance to Get Called Up


Alexander Wolfe Reveals Reasons for WWE NXT Talent's Reluctance to Get Called Up
Alexander Wolfe Reveals Reasons for WWE NXT Talent's Reluctance to Get Called Up

In a recent interview, former WWE star Alexander Wolfe shed light on some NXT talent's apprehension about being called up to the main roster of Raw or SmackDown. According to Wolfe, the stark contrast between NXT and the main roster dynamics significantly created this fear among NXT stars.

Wolfe revealed that many wrestlers were afraid of the call-up due to the perceived challenges they would face on the main roster. This sentiment even resonated within the WWE office, with concerns being raised about the situation.

Wolfe explained, "Many people were afraid of getting a call-up. And that spread to the office, that they say, 'Guys, what the hell?'"

"NXT's Support System vs. Main Roster Autonomy"

For several wrestlers, the reluctance to move to the main roster was not primarily driven by financial considerations but rather a genuine attachment to the atmosphere and support system in the developmental program.

In Wolfe's view, NXT provided more assistance to wrestlers, including coordinated travel arrangements, hotel bookings, and meals. On the other hand, the main roster placed greater responsibility on individual wrestlers for managing their own logistics, resulting in a sink-or-swim scenario.

This discrepancy in support structures partly explains why leading roster talent earns higher salaries. Wolfe drew parallels between transitioning from NXT to the main roster and graduating from college to the real world. He emphasized that what worked in NXT could translate more smoothly to the main roster.

While NXT catered to a more dedicated fanbase, the main roster aimed for broader appeal. Wolfe noted that technical prowess alone might not captivate the primary roster audience if a wrestler lacks charisma or other essential entertainment qualities.

He explained, "If you present them with somebody who's an awesome wrestler but not charismatic, you do something wrong." Addressing the perception that Vince McMahon intended to undermine Triple H and the NXT crowd, Wolfe disagreed, citing examples such as Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura.

These former NXT stars maintained their presentation and succeeded on the main roster. Wolfe highlighted their positive experiences as contrasting cases compared to other call-ups. In essence, Wolfe's insights shed light on the concerns and differences between NXT and the WWE main roster, outlining why some NXT talent approached the prospect of a call-up with trepidation.