Zelina Vega Resolves lWo-The Usos Feud

WWE super-faction lWo finds itself amidst an unexpected feud.

by Atia Mukhtar
Zelina Vega Resolves lWo-The Usos Feud

The wrestling landscape was set ablaze when Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman delivered a relentless verbal assault on The Usos. In search of some form of retaliation, The Usos found themselves backstage on Smackdown in a tense altercation with the newly formed WWE super-faction, the lWo, consisting of Zelina Vega, Cruz del Toro, and Joaquin Wilde.

The spark ignited this confrontation was a mere misinterpretation of a Spanish conversation, which left The Usos feeling insulted. During her interview on the SmackDown LowDown with Megan Morant, Zelina Vega tried to clear the air regarding the misunderstanding that led to the escalation.

While doing so, she also seized the opportunity to send out one final shout-out to their fervent fanbase in Puerto Rico at Backlash.

Zelina Vega Clarifies lWo-Usos Misunderstanding

Zelina Vega explained, “It wasn't an intentional run-in, it was a mere misunderstanding”.

She further elaborated, “Look, we were discussing the greatest night of my career. Cruz (del Toro) used the word 'uso,' which in Spanish means use. I can see how The Usos might have misinterpreted it as a slight against them.

They thought we were mocking their predicament, but we didn’t have anything to do with that. The thought of belittling The Usos never crossed our minds, and their misinterpretation is their issue, not ours”. When Morant enquired how Vega was preparing her faction for the imminent showdown against the infuriated Fatu brothers, Vega's confidence was unwavering.

She firmly believes in the readiness of the lWo to face any challenge. It's their motto to stay prepared at all times, so there's no need to get ready. Vega asserted, “The lWo is always prepared for whatever comes our way.

We've made sure our readiness is well-known. Unfortunately, The Usos have entangled themselves in a situation with us. Rest assured, we will make it abundantly clear that the lWo is not intimidated by anyone. Period”.

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