Ken Anderson Unsurprised by Lack of WWE Invite Due to Past Remarks


Ken Anderson Unsurprised by Lack of WWE Invite Due to Past Remarks
Ken Anderson Unsurprised by Lack of WWE Invite Due to Past Remarks

In a candid discussion on the Kurt Angle Show, former WWE star Ken Anderson, widely known for his ring persona Mr. Kennedy, shared his perspectives on his turbulent exit from WWE in 2009 and his prospects for a return. Anderson, a one-time Money In The Bank Winner, left WWE under contentious circumstances over a decade ago.

Despite his successful tenure, the acrimonious departure created a rift that he acknowledges might deter a potential reunion. Reflecting on his departure, Anderson stated, "No, I'm not surprised I haven't been asked back. I said some really harsh things on the way out the door, and I completely understand their perspective.

Ideally, I would like to go back and finish my journey there, but I also comprehend if that doesn't transpire. I brought it upon myself."

Ken Anderson Refused Royal Rumble Return

The former WWE star also disclosed an informal approach made a few years ago about a potential appearance in the Royal Rumble.

However, he declined due to personal reasons. Anderson recounted, "Daivari asked me informally, 'Your name came up for the Royal Rumble. Would you be interested?' But I wasn't prepared. I was completely out of shape, and I turned it down.

It wasn't an official proposal, but I simply said, 'No, I'm not interested.' " Anderson's conversation wasn't all about his past, however. He also took the opportunity to share his experiences in training Olympic Gold Medal winner Gable Steveson.

He expressed admiration for Steveson's quick grasp of the sport. While Anderson's relationship with WWE remains complicated, his contributions to the sport continue to be evident. Whether he'll ever return to the WWE ring is uncertain, but his legacy and impact are undeniable.

His candid insights offer a glimpse into the challenging dynamics of a professional wrestling career and the complex relationship between athletes and their organizations.

Ken Anderson

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