Tony Khan Eyes WWE Purchase, Believes Wrestling Revived


Tony Khan Eyes WWE Purchase, Believes Wrestling Revived
Tony Khan Eyes WWE Purchase, Believes Wrestling Revived

Tony Khan, CEO of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), recently revealed in an interview on "The Maggie & Perloff Show" that he was keenly interested in purchasing the world-renowned wrestling company, WWE. Endeavor Group Holdings ultimately undertook the endeavor, yet Khan's interest underscores the growing dynamism within the professional wrestling industry.

Khan, albeit not delving into the specifics of his interest in WWE, expressed his intrigue about the sale's potential impacts. "It will be very interesting to see what happens with that sale," he stated. The CEO further noted that the transaction could have far-reaching positive implications for the professional wrestling business.

WWE Purchase Highlights Resurgence

The successful acquisition of WWE by Endeavor has undeniably cast a spotlight on the wrestling industry, illuminating its increasing global appeal and profitability. WWE's flourishing international presence combined with AEW's steady growth has ushered in a promising era for the wrestling business.

An observant Khan has been quick to acknowledge this resurgence. "The huge attendance numbers and TV and streaming numbers for pro wrestling and the great sales for AEW on PPV and all the big merchandising numbers show that pro wrestling is really back as an industry in many major ways in 2023 and AEW is a big part of the conversation," he declared.

Khan's enthusiasm isn't unfounded. AEW has been making significant strides in expanding its business and boosting its brand recognition. One of the company's most noteworthy achievements is the upcoming All In event in London, England.

This event has already made headlines, with over 60,000 tickets sold, marking it as the company's largest attendance to date. It seems that the wrestling industry, buoyed by the likes of WWE and AEW, is experiencing a resurgence, fuelled by increasing audience interest and significant business maneuvers.

As AEW continues to grow and contribute to the industry's revitalization, Khan's optimism appears to be more than justified.

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