Could Drew McIntyre Surprise at AEW All In if His WWE Contract Ends?


Could Drew McIntyre Surprise at AEW All In if His WWE Contract Ends?
Could Drew McIntyre Surprise at AEW All In if His WWE Contract Ends?

Speculation is rife regarding the future of Scottish professional wrestler Drew McIntyre with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). As rumors swirl, wrestling enthusiasts wonder whether McIntyre might depart the WWE in time to appear at All Elite Wrestling's (AEW) colossal UK event, All In.

McIntyre has been conspicuous by his absence on WWE television following his loss in the Intercontinental Championship triple threat match at WrestleMania 39. After this, reports began circulating, intimating that his contract with WWE was entering its final year.

The latest scoop from Fightful Select indicates that McIntyre is still determining whether to renew his contract with WWE or seek new pastures.

Drew McIntyre's AEW Appearance: Unlikely

However, fans anticipating a surprise appearance by McIntyre at AEW's UK event might need to curb their expectations.

As renowned wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer highlighted in a recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter, McIntyre's existing contract with WWE is valid until early 2024. The probability of WWE releasing him from his contractual obligations prematurely is slim to none.

Meltzer candidly stated, "The possibility of McIntyre showing up at All In is virtually nonexistent. His contract extends beyond the date of the event. Even if he were to leave WWE upon contract expiration - a significant 'if' - and transition to AEW, his most probable destination, this can't transpire until 2024." Adding another layer of complexity, WWE can extend the duration of McIntyre's contract, compensating for the recent period of inactivity due to his injury.

This would further push back the termination of his agreement. Fightful Select's report also highlights specific communication issues between McIntyre and WWE. The latest was a surprise draft of Monday Night Raw without McIntyre's prior knowledge.

Despite this, he championed the Red Brand during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, securing the WWE Championship title in an empty Performance Center - a feat he accomplished twice in 311 days. Regrettably, McIntyre never had the opportunity to relish this victory in front of a live audience.

Although there were several occasions when WWE could have permitted him to reclaim the world title in front of spectators, they consistently decided against it. With McIntyre now in Raw, a potential shot at the World Heavyweight Championship could be on the horizon, possibly necessitating a heel turn.

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