Ex-WWE Champ Believes Title Win Was Unplanned


Ex-WWE Champ Believes Title Win Was Unplanned
Ex-WWE Champ Believes Title Win Was Unplanned

In the constantly adapting world of professional wrestling, WWE has garnered a notorious reputation for its unwavering adherence to scripts, often at the expense of audience sentiment. However, history has shown that the company can indeed deviate from preplanned narratives, especially when crowd involvement becomes too overwhelming to disregard.

A case in point occurred in 2014 during the buildup to WWE WrestleMania XXX. The original main event was Batista versus Randy Orton, with "The Animal" likely to emerge victorious. But the fans had other ideas, their fervent support for Daniel Bryan, epitomized by the electrifying "Yes!" chants, compelled WWE to alter the course and incorporate Bryan into the WrestleMania XXX main event.

Recently, the WWE may have capitulated to fan reactions again, leading to an unexpected change in the title. "When they made that call, I don't believe it was the original intention. It seemed like a spontaneous decision based on what was best at the moment," revealed Becky Lynch during her conversation with My Love Letter to Wrestling.

She was referring to her surprise WWE Women's Tag Team Championship victory with Lita. "What made that match unique was the sheer unpredictability of the outcome."

Unforeseen Victory: Lynch and Lita Capture WWE Women's Tag Team Titles

Lynch and Lita clinched the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles on the February 27th episode of Monday Night Raw, unseating the reigning champions, Damage CTRL.

This unexpected triumph ensured that they entered WWE WrestleMania 39 as champions, albeit participating in a non-title six-woman tag match. Despite sudden changes, Lynch expressed her exhilaration at sharing this monumental achievement with her idol.

"The experience of standing shoulder to shoulder with the woman who sparked your passion for wrestling is incredibly humbling," Lynch elaborated. "It's surreal that the young girl who once emulated Lita with her vibrant red hair and distinctive style now stands beside her as a champion.

She would have scoffed at the idea if I had told my teenage self about this future. Yet, it has been an incredible journey, and Lita has evolved from an inspiration to a cherished friend and mentor."