Ex-WWE Star Slams 'Fragile Billionaire' Vince McMahon


Ex-WWE Star Slams 'Fragile Billionaire' Vince McMahon
Ex-WWE Star Slams 'Fragile Billionaire' Vince McMahon

In an explosive revelation, former WWE Tag Team Champion Paul London has recently characterized Vince McMahon, the famed wrestling tycoon, as a "fragile billionaire." This comes after a notorious on-screen incident involving the two men, which London recalled during his appearance on the podcast Wrestling Then And Now.'

The incident in question took place during McMahon's dramatized departure from the wrestling arena, culminating in a scene where his limousine was allegedly blown up. Contrary to the sequence's grim nature, London wore a wide grin throughout multiple takes, much to McMahon's apparent dismay.

"We did it nine or 10 times. He looked in my face each time. Each time I had the big old grin on my face," recounted London, adding that McMahon seemed indifferent until another WWE personality pointed out the contradiction.

"He power walked over to me; he said, 'Why were you smiling?'" London mimicked McMahon's vexed inquiry, to which he replied in character, "I don't know what's going on. Whatever is going on, you don't kill the village idiot.

Like, I don't know anything."

Vince McMahon's Unexpected Fragility Exposed

McMahon's reaction, according to London, was one of visible frustration and disappointment. "He was so just upset and bothered," said London, leading him to perceive McMahon as surprisingly vulnerable, a "fragile billionaire." London further expressed his puzzlement over the company's decision not to film another take where he'd maintain a more appropriate facial expression.

He suggested, "Everyone's here. 'Guys, we gotta do one more.' You know, you can even throw me under the bus and be like, 'This idiot is smiling. We need to do one more. Don't smile.' Easy fix." However, the depicted tension was short-lived, as the plot was abruptly abandoned in the wake of the horrific Chris Benoit murder-suicide case that shook the wrestling world to its core.

This tragic event, London notes, overshadowed the minor on-screen controversy, effectively dissolving the heat he was facing within the company.

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