Former WWE Champ Not Done with Roman Reigns Feud


Former WWE Champ Not Done with Roman Reigns Feud
Former WWE Champ Not Done with Roman Reigns Feud

In the tumultuous world of WWE, a simmering feud has been reignited. Despite Roman Reigns' drafting to WWE SmackDown and Seth Rollins' potential capture of the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions, the bitter rivalry between these two wrestling titans is anything but resolved.

The history between them goes back to The Royal Rumble in 2022 when Rollins emerged victorious over Reigns. Since that fateful night, Rollins has been awaiting his rematch for the Championship. However, Reigns, the Tribal Chief, has spent the better part of the year seemingly evading this confrontation.

The WWE is holding off on this high-stakes rematch, presumably waiting for the perfect stage to set this battle upon.

Rollins' Veiled Jab at Roman Reigns

Further fueling this feud, Rollins, known as The Visionary, sat down for an interview with Corey Graves on this week's WWE RAW.

During this discussion, Rollins delivered a veiled jab at Reigns and his faction, The Bloodline. He criticized those who care more about self-preservation than propelling the industry forward, a remark aimed at Reigns and his cohorts.

The hate doesn't end there. In the upcoming RAW episode, Rollins is prepared to address his former Shield teammate publicly, escalating the tension between the two even further. Deep-rooted in their shared history, their storied rivalry promises to yield a thrilling spectacle.

In a twist, Rollins is poised to face off with AJ Styles for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions. While Triple H, the WWE executive, explicitly stated that Reigns wouldn't be able to secure the newly introduced title, no such constraints apply to The Visionary.

This opens the door for Rollins to potentially claim both championship belts, making him an even more formidable adversary for Reigns. As these events unfold, the WWE Universe is gripped by anticipation. The rivalry between Rollins and Reigns is far from over, and it is clear that the stage is being set for an epic showdown.

As the lines are drawn, the only question remains: who will emerge as the victor when these two giants collide?

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