John Cena Crowns Roman Reigns as GOAT: 'He's Revolutionized the Game


John Cena Crowns Roman Reigns as GOAT: 'He's Revolutionized the Game
John Cena Crowns Roman Reigns as GOAT: 'He's Revolutionized the Game

In a recent and intriguing episode of Busted Open Radio, iconic 16-time world champion John Cena, shared his thoughts on a wide range of topics, including the current state of professional wrestling and his upcoming ventures in Hollywood.

The hosts posed a compelling question, asking Cena to identify who he believes to be the most outstanding wrestler of all time. His response? The reigning Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. Cena spoke with conviction, declaring, "My number one has to be Roman Reigns.

His accomplishments with the championship and his selective performance approach have completely redefined the industry standard. But more importantly, what makes Roman stand out in my eyes, which I've shared with him, is his unique ability to energize himself and those around him." Cena then delved into an in-depth analysis of how Reigns has remodeled the image of a top-tier wrestler, creating an aura that has not only heightened his stature but also significantly uplifted those associated with him, particularly The Bloodline.

Reigns vs. Flair: Unique Approaches

Cena compared the legendary Four Horsemen, stating, "I haven't seen anything like it since their era. However, the distinction between Reigns and Ric Flair, the stalwart of the Horsemen, is that Flair was always in the spotlight - a brilliant feat.

Yet, what sets Roman apart is his individualistic approach. He has crafted a unique personality and redefined what it means to stand at the pinnacle of the wrestling world." Highlighting Reigns' selective appearances, Cena appreciated the exclusivity the Universal Champion has brought to the table.

"Roman's limited appearances have made him a sought-after figure. Moreover, his approach has propelled around eight other wrestlers to fame. He has truly enabled the entire Bloodline to rise in stature." In Cena's perspective, Roman Reigns is not just a great wrestler but a transformative figure, redefining the norms and bringing about a paradigm shift in how the wrestling industry operates. His praise reflects his profound respect for Reigns, crowning him as the greatest of all time.

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