Konnan Reflects on WCW Career, Criticizes Bischoff

Konnan reveals struggles and insights from his WCW tenure.

by Noman Rasool
Konnan Reflects on WCW Career, Criticizes Bischoff

In a recent candid interview with Wrestling Observer Radio, renowned Lucha-Libre superstar Konnan delved into the intricate details of his tenure with World Championship Wrestling (WCW). The Mexican wrestling icon offered particular insights into his relationship with Eric Bischoff, former executive producer and president of WCW, and his experiences transitioning into American wrestling.

Konnan's journey in WCW began when Kevin Sullivan, another influential figure within the organization, championed his recruitment. However, Konnan disclosed that his rapport with Bischoff was always somewhat strained. According to Konnan, the root of the contention stemmed from Bischoff's lack of understanding and appreciation for lucha-libre, the Mexican wrestling style that defines Konnan's legacy.

"We were cordial with each other, but I always felt that Bischoff didn't fully respect my abilities because he didn't grasp the essence of lucha-libre," Konnan shared. He revealed initial plans for him to wrestle against Hulk Hogan, a storyline that would have spanned two matches — one in the United States and another in Mexico.

Konnan's Challenge as US Champion

Beyond his relationship with Bischoff, Konnan reflected on his tenure as the United States Champion for WCW. Winning the title was not easy, especially considering his opponent — One Man Gang, who was allegedly reluctant to "do the job" or lose in the staged match.

"They handed me the US Championship rather quickly, and it was a challenging match against One Man Gang. He was difficult to work with due to his reluctance to do the job," Konnan recounted. "It was a steep learning curve for me as well." The former champion also spoke about his challenges adapting to the American wrestling style, which differed significantly from Lucha-libre.

Despite these challenges, Konnan believes WCW management gave up on him prematurely. "The issue was that they assumed I was familiar with American wrestling. I had to unlearn and relearn to adapt to the American style. They lost patience with me instead of quickly pushing me to reach my full potential." The interview provides a fascinating look into the behind-the-scenes dynamics of WCW during Konnan's era, highlighting the cultural barriers in professional wrestling.

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