Ex-WWE Champ Cites Worsening Injury Struggles

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Ex-WWE Champ Cites Worsening Injury Struggles
Ex-WWE Champ Cites Worsening Injury Struggles

WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash, a wrestling legend who has graced both the World Wrestling Entertainment and World Championship Wrestling rings, recently disclosed his mounting health concerns related to his long-standing wrestling career.

At 63, the stalwart has highlighted the adverse effects of years of physical punishment, suggesting that his wrestling days may be behind him. Nash, an integral member of the notorious NWO faction across both promotions, disclosed on the Kliq This podcast that his latest neck scans have elicited worrisome results.

"That's my major concern," Nash confessed, recounting his consultation with his orthopedic doctor, Dr. Brad Homan. "My neck, it's always been bad, but it's just getting worse. It curves the wrong way. I'm starting to get some compression on some of my nerves.

I got stenosis. I've just got a lot of things going on."

Nash's Health Hinders Ring Return

In the elite circle of the WWE Hall of Fame, Nash holds a unique distinction—being inducted twice, once for his career and once as part of the legendary NWO stable.

Despite this illustrious career, his latest revelation casts a long shadow over any potential return to the ring, given his retirement in 2018 and the enduring neck issues. In a recent interview with For the Love of Wrestling, Nash was asked to name the WWE performer who might coax him back into the ring.

The former WWE Champion didn't hesitate to identify the current Universal Champion, Roman Reigns. "He's been champion for almost a thousand days. There's nobody else that matters but him. He's the only legitimate guy right now.

If I go out there and feel really bad the next day, I'll do it with him." Reigns has been the face of WWE for nearly a decade, and his current reign as Universal Champion is on the cusp of reaching the landmark 1000 days.

Given Reigns' prominence and Nash's legacy, a showdown between the two could command massive attention. However, whether Nash's deteriorating health would permit such a spectacle remains.

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