Cage on Being Out of Action

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Cage on Being Out of Action

Professional wrestlers get injured from time to time. Some muster enough strength to continue despite being injured. A few of them continue a wrestling match even after being injured really badly. While some prefer to take rest, others fight through injuries.

That can’t really be good! In fact, most wrestlers need to get surgery done because they simply refuse to sit home and take rest. Either they love their job or they want to have a good payday. Wrestlers that work every single week don’t get time to recover and sometimes have to retire prematurely.

Brian Cage was sent to the hospital after his match with Johnny Impact at Impact Rebellion. He took a vicious impact during the match and moved very slow. The fans could tell that he was badly injured. He won the match and is now the new Impact World Champion.

It appears as though the injury is not as bad it seemed. He was at the Busted Open Radio to talk about how much time he will be out for. "Yeah it doesn't look like I'm going to be out," Cage said. "[The Doctor] goes, 'I think you're going to be fine, you have severe inflammation and a bone bruise, there could be a small fracture there.

I would like to rule that out, however, if there is a fracture, I don't seeing it being any major fracture. Even then, you can't do much more for that, just err on the side of caution.' "