Jeff Jarrett: Road Dogg Ranked #2 in WrestleMania 15 Merch Sales


Jeff Jarrett: Road Dogg Ranked #2 in WrestleMania 15 Merch Sales
Jeff Jarrett: Road Dogg Ranked #2 in WrestleMania 15 Merch Sales

Despite Vince McMahon's notorious disinterest in tag team wrestling, Jeff Jarrett shed light on the reasoning behind it during a recent episode of "My World." McMahon's lukewarm attitude towards tag team wrestling is rooted in financial concerns, as he perceives tag teams as less profitable assets.

Jarrett elaborated, "A talent is an asset. So how do I get the best return on investment? When you have a tag situation, it's four guys out there minimum instead of two, so you're doubling the expense." McMahon's approach to tag teams involves identifying which member connects with the audience the most, and in the New Age Outlaws' case, it was evident that Brian "Road Dogg" James stood out.

"Brian [James] jumps off the page," Jarrett remarked. "He's got his schtick. The sing-a-long is with Brian's stuff." During the Attitude Era, backstage chatter often praised Road Dogg's talent, catching McMahon's attention and prompting him to capitalize on the wrestler's popularity.

Road Dogg's WrestleMania 15 Sales Validate McMahon's Perception

At WrestleMania 15 in Philadelphia, Jarrett inquired about business performance from the late Jimmy Miranda, who revealed that Road Dogg was the second-best merchandise seller that night, only trailing behind Steve Austin.

This accomplishment validated McMahon's judgment, as Jarrett recalled, "The Chairman was right, VKM was right, he got over as a singles star." Jarrett attributed Road Dogg's success to his natural ability to entertain audiences and acknowledged that James surpassed his sports entertainment skills.

In a humble conclusion, Jarrett stated, "Without question... the 'Road Dogg' Jesse James is a better sports entertainer than Double-J." This insight into McMahon's thought process demonstrates how financial considerations can impact the treatment of tag teams in WWE, even when individual members possess incredible talent.

Road Dogg's rise to popularity during WrestleMania 15 is a testament to his charisma and ability to connect with fans, proving McMahon's instincts correct.

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