Undefeated WWE Star, 35, Might Be Roman Reigns' New Backup


Undefeated WWE Star, 35, Might Be Roman Reigns' New Backup
Undefeated WWE Star, 35, Might Be Roman Reigns' New Backup

Roman Reigns is a nexus of power in the intricate web of alliances and rivalries that form the backbone of sports entertainment. Paul Heyman, his trusted right-hand man, ensures his influence permeates every corner of the WWE universe even when the Tribal Chief himself is not on stage.

Heyman's shadowy manipulations were on full display last night on WWE RAW. He was spotted backstage, exchanging a knowing handshake with Gunther moments before the surprise invasion of the main event by the menacing Imperium.

This unprovoked attack by the villainous stable sent a resounding message to fan favorites Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. In a highly anticipated match-up at Night of Champions next weekend, Owens and Zayn are slated to clash with Reigns and Solo Sikoa, with the prestigious Undisputed Tag Team Championship hanging in the balance.

Heyman, always seeking an advantage for his clients, may have added another trump card to Reigns' hand.

Gunther: Roman Reigns' Potential Powerhouse

Gunther, an impressive WWE newcomer, boasts an unbroken winning streak in singles matches on the main roster.

He's set to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Mustafa Ali in Saudi Arabia, a match that, given his track record, might be a mere formality for the 35-year-old powerhouse. This suggests he may be available later that evening to lend considerable strength to ensure Reigns retains his title.

Interestingly, Gunther was once considered a possible contender for Reigns' championship. However, since Reigns' shift to SmackDown, Gunther has emerged not as a rival but as a potential ally. By bringing the intimidating Ring General into his circle, Reigns ingeniously neutralizes a potential future threat to his reign.

Reigns' strategic alliance with Imperium could be a game-changer, especially considering the current tensions within his faction, The Bloodline. The Tribal Chief has been plagued with doubts about the loyalty of The Usos, and their potential to sabotage his title defense in Saudi Arabia is a pressing concern.

Gunther's alliance with The Bloodline boosts his standing in the RAW roster and fortifies Reigns' hold on his titles. As a formidable threat to any WWE superstar, Gunther's presence could be the crucial element that ensures Reigns' continued sports entertainment.

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