Becky Lynch's Remaining WWE Goals Unveiled


Becky Lynch's Remaining WWE Goals Unveiled
Becky Lynch's Remaining WWE Goals Unveiled

In a landscape where she has seemingly conquered all, WWE Superstar Becky Lynch has opened up about her yet unachieved aspirations in the wrestling world. The multiple-time Women's Champion, who's topped both WWE brands and been a headliner at WrestleMania, has two remaining goals that keep her hunger alive in the ring.

Speaking on the My Love Letter to Wrestling Podcast with host Mark Andrews, Lynch opened her heart about her WWE journey, revealing the items left on her wrestling wishlist. The first involves seizing the coveted title of Mrs.

Money In The Bank, and the second is a much-anticipated face-off with WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix.

Becky Lynch's Unfulfilled WWE Aspirations

Lynch candidly shared, "I do want to win the Money in the Bank briefcase before it's all said and done...And also wrestle Beth Phoenix.

I've been trying to get her for years, she's been dodging me!" The Money In The Bank event is scheduled for July, leaving Lynch ample time to strategize for her first briefcase victory. It's a notable goal considering she currently shares the second spot for the most appearances in a MITB ladder match for female WWE Superstars, standing at four alongside Carmella.

The only person exceeding them is Natalya with five appearances. When it comes to her desired duel with the Glamazon, Phoenix, Lynch's current focus is another Hall of Famer, Trish Stratus. Phoenix's last appearance was during WWE's Elimination Chamber PLE, where she aided her husband Edge to triumph over Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley of The Judgment Day.

In the same interview, Lynch also divulged her "greatest rival" in WWE - the Queen, Charlotte Flair. "My greatest rival is probably going to go down as Charlotte Flair. I think we’ve just had such a storied history, and I think that’s always going to be the feud the people come back to and think of us," Lynch confessed.

Their rivalry has been one for the ages, but the two haven't met in the ring since Survivor Series in 2021, where Lynch emerged victorious. Despite the past, Lynch's future goals hint at new exciting chapters in her illustrious career.

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