Valhalla Credits The New Day as Her Character Inspiration


Valhalla Credits The New Day as Her Character Inspiration
Valhalla Credits The New Day as Her Character Inspiration

The WWE universe was recently privy to a fascinating revelation from the talented wrestler known as Valhalla. The Viking Raiders' team member, formerly recognized as Sarah Logan, shared her intriguing journey from her previous persona to her current alter ego, Valhalla.

She traced the genesis of her character back to an unlikely source: The New Day. In a candid interview with "Bleav in Pro Wrestling," Valhalla let the world in on the behind-the-scenes evolution of her character. She divulged how she adopted the unique moniker "Valhalla" and the inspiration behind her dramatic change.

"The New Day was a significant influence behind my character's creation," Valhalla shared. "I had been completely engrossed in being a mother and tending to my farm. Then, Xavier Woods suggested, 'It'd be cool if you guys had a priestess!' The idea struck a chord with me, and I began envisioning and crafting the character."

Creating Valhalla with Hunter

She fondly recollected the initial stages of her character's development, describing her collaboration with Hunter.

"Hunter and I sat down and discussed the character. I showed up, admittedly looking quite outrageous in my Viking gear, and he didn't object. So, I took that as a green signal and continued to mold Valhalla." Valhalla made her much-anticipated re-debut on WWE television in November of the previous year.

Viewers were thrilled to see her accompanying the Viking Raiders tag team members, Ivar and Erik. Erik holds a special place in Valhalla's life, as he is not just her tag team partner but also her real-life husband. The couple had a memorable Viking-themed wedding in 2018, signifying their shared love for Viking culture.

"Me and Erik, we are Vikings in real life," she proudly stated. "We participate in Viking living history events. I am a huge fan of fantasy dramas and have an extensive collection of related books. In a way, it feels as if I have been preparing my whole life to embrace this character." Valhalla's commitment to her character is evident not only in her wrestling persona but also in her everyday life.

The ease she has transitioned into Valhalla's character reflects her genuine admiration for Viking culture. "I didn't even have to purchase anything for the character," she explained. "I simply rummaged around my house and gathered the items I needed.

It was almost as if Valhalla was waiting to be born." This insight into Valhalla's character provides a compelling reminder of the effort and thought that wrestlers invest in their personas. In the theatrical spectacle of WWE, it's enlightening to see how characters like Valhalla come to life, shaped by personal passions and even a nudge from fellow wrestlers, like The New Day.