Carlito Praises Unleaked Backlash Surprise Appearance

Unexpected allies emerge in the heated Bad Bunny-Priest Street Fight.

by Noman Rasool
Carlito Praises Unleaked Backlash Surprise Appearance

During the high-octane premium live event emanating from Puerto Rico, Latin rap sensation Bad Bunny faced off against the formidable Damian Priest in an adrenaline-fueled Street Fight. The tension escalated when Priest's partners in crime from Judgment Day, Finn Balor and Dominik, ambushed Bunny.

This sudden onslaught was countered by the unexpected intervention of Carlito and Savio Vega, a surprise move that left the WWE Universe astounded. Notably, there had been no leaks or reports of their imminent arrival. Reflecting on the exciting event in an interview with Busted Open Radio, Carlito, a beloved figure in Puerto Rico, expressed his satisfaction with the spontaneous ovation he received from the local fans.

He conveyed his delight about how his appearance, which the WWE Universe highly sought after, was kept under wraps. "The thrill of walking out there and hearing the roar of the crowd – it's incomparable," Carlito mused.

"And what made it more special was that no one saw it coming. I had assumed that someone, somewhere, would let the cat out of the bag. But surprisingly, nothing slipped, which just magnified the surprise."

Carlito's Stealthy Surprise Appearance

The former multi-time Intercontinental Champion confessed that he went to considerable lengths to maintain his low profile before the event.

"I had my hair braided, wore a beanie, and hid under a hoodie," he said. "Despite arriving late the night before the event and remaining sequestered in my room, fans began to recognize me the next day. But fortune favored us, and the news did not leak." True to his flamboyant persona, Carlito took to the ring sporting an LWO shirt.

However, he quickly removed it to showcase his impressive physique, something he joked about during the Busted Open Radio interview. "It was amusing when they requested me to wear an LWO shirt," he laughed. "I'm game to wear anything, but I wasn't planning on keeping it on for long.

After all, who knows when I'll get another opportunity to strut my stuff on international television? Being able to surprise everyone and entertain my fans - that's what it's all about."

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