Unveiling the Journey: Brian Kendrick's Role in Training Ronda Rousey for WWE Success


Unveiling the Journey: Brian Kendrick's Role in Training Ronda Rousey for WWE Success
Unveiling the Journey: Brian Kendrick's Role in Training Ronda Rousey for WWE Success

In a recent appearance on the "Hitting The Turnbuckle Podcast," Brian Kendrick confirmed his pivotal role in training Ronda Rousey, preparing her for the transition from mixed martial arts to professional wrestling. Kendrick, a seasoned veteran in the industry, revealed that the opportunity arose through his connections, particularly with Roderick Strong.

The link between Rousey and Kendrick has been established thanks to Strong's wife, Marina Shafir, who had a long-standing relationship with Rousey. As Rousey contemplated a career in pro wrestling, Strong recommended Kendrick, known as "Spanky," who resided in Los Angeles.

Thus, Kendrick received a random text from Ronda Rousey, marking the beginning of their training journey.

The Producer's Impact: Brian Kendrick's Continued Influence

Kendrick shared that following their initial contact, Rousey's agent engaged in discussions with WWE, eventually leading to her official signing with the company.

However, Kendrick's involvement didn't end there. It was reported that Rousey specifically requested his assistance as a producer for her Survivor Series match against Shotzi Blackheart. Since then, Kendrick has been enlisted for various freelance producer opportunities within WWE.

Notably, Kendrick's contributions extend beyond training Rousey. He was also instrumental in preparing Latin music sensation Bad Bunny for his memorable stint in WWE. Kendrick's involvement in Bad Bunny's training led to him assuming a production role for the musician's match against Damian Priest at Backlash.

Despite encountering obstacles in his career, including his release from AEW due to the resurfacing of videos where he propagated white supremacist and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, Kendrick's expertise and guidance have been sought after by top-tier talent.

Brian Kendrick's involvement in shaping the careers of Rousey and Bad Bunny serves as a testament to his skills as a trainer and producer. His ability to adapt and assist performers from different backgrounds showcases his versatility and deep understanding of the wrestling industry.

As the wrestling industry continues to evolve, the guidance and mentorship provided by experienced professionals like Brian Kendrick remain integral to the success and growth of new talent. Kendrick's training endeavors serve as a testament to the collaborative nature of the business, where established stars lend their expertise to help shape the next generation of superstars.

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