Alberto Del Rio Vs. Tito Ortiz in the Making?


Alberto Del Rio Vs. Tito Ortiz in the Making?

It appears that Tito Ortiz’s first fight will not be against Alberto Del Rio according to the CEO of Combate Americas, Campbell McLaren. An interview was conducted by Fansided. McLaren stated that the two superstars engaged in a friendly manner on Friday.

It was the Reinas event at Los Angeles and he stated that that "didn't look like a fight" in his eyes. "Usually you want a bad guy," he said. "Neither of them are really bad guys. You saw them earlier. Did they look like they were going to fight? They were very friendly.

Didn't look like a fight to me." Ortiz is now part of Combate Americas. He signed with the promotion on Friday as seen in his Instagram video. It seemed like he was saying Del Rio’s name in the video, but the audio wasn’t crystal clear.

It seemed like he was saying the following: "Are you ready to fight? I'm ready to kick some f'n ass," Ortiz said. "Alberto [Rito?] Time to kick your ass buddy!" This is the reason why many people believed that he would be fighting Alberto Del Rio.

Alberto Del Rio is a former WWE superstar and he won the most prestigious title belts that the WWE has. He announced that he will return and resume his MMA career in October. He has a record of 9 wins and 5 losses.

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