Brian Kendrick on Training Ronda Rousey for WWE


Brian Kendrick on Training Ronda Rousey for WWE
Brian Kendrick on Training Ronda Rousey for WWE

In a recent episode of the "Hitting The Turnbuckle Podcast," Brian Kendrick unveiled his role in the professional wrestling transition of Ronda Rousey, the former UFC champion, before her move to WWE. A seasoned veteran in the wrestling business, Kendrick leveraged his extensive industry connections, including his relationship with Roderick Strong, to get this golden opportunity.

The unique connection formed between Kendrick and Rousey originated from the bond Ronda shared with Strong's wife, Marina Shafir. "Ronda and Marina have been long-standing friends. When Ronda was contemplating stepping into the pro-wrestling world, Roddy recommended me since I reside in LA," Kendrick explained.

"Consequently, I received a text from Ronda Rousey herself, prompting us to begin the training sessions."

Ronda Rousey Transition to WWE

Rousey's pursuit of professional wrestling was in full swing, and soon after their training collaboration, her agent initiated talks with WWE.

This eventually paved the way for Rousey's official entry into the wrestling giant's ring. Kendrick's contribution to Rousey's WWE career didn't end there. She specifically requested Kendrick's expertise in producing her Survivor Series match against Shotzi Blackheart.

Since then, Kendrick has been in demand for various freelance production tasks within the company. Rousey wasn't the only celebrity Kendrick trained. He was instrumental in prepping Bad Bunny, the well-known musician, for his showdown against Damian Priest at Backlash.

These opportunities were a testament to Kendrick's skill and reputation in the wrestling world. His expertise remained sought after even in the face of controversy. Kendrick was controversially released by AEW before his debut match due to the resurfacing of past videos linking him to the spread of white supremacist and anti-semitic conspiracy theories.

Kendrick's journey underlines his dedication to wrestling and his ability to adapt his experience to different roles, from training newcomers like Ronda Rousey and Bad Bunny to producing high-stakes matches. His wide-ranging influence on WWE continues to be evident.

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