The Bloodline Civil War: WWE's Premium Event Showdown!


The Bloodline Civil War: WWE's Premium Event Showdown!
The Bloodline Civil War: WWE's Premium Event Showdown!

For over a year, WWE's dominant faction, The Bloodline, has been plagued by internal strife. The story began with Sami Zayn entangling himself in the affairs of the illustrious Anoa'i family. Subsequently, tensions arose when Jey Uso, a proud member of The Bloodline, adamantly refused to cooperate with the outsider Zayn.

Matters escalated when an emotionally torn Jey contemplated severing ties with the group after Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns expelled Zayn from The Bloodline. While the members managed to reconcile before WWE WrestleMania 39, the recent loss of the Undisputed WWE Tag Titles by The Usos has reignited the flames of discord.

Reigns's triumphant return to WWE SmackDown witnessed him berating The Usos for their title loss and subsequently failed rematch, demanding that Jimmy Uso apologize for their recent failures. Tensions flared as Reigns forcefully confronted Jimmy, only for Jey to ultimately assume responsibility for his brother's actions and issue an apology.

In a surprising turn, Paul Heyman announced that The Bloodline would receive another opportunity to reclaim the tag team championships, with Reigns and Solo Sikoa representing the faction in the match.

Future of Bloodline's Storyline: Clash at WWE Money in the Bank?

Amidst these simmering tensions, reports have emerged regarding the future direction of The Bloodline's storyline.

According to an insider account (@WRKDWrestling), WWE is in discussions to stage a clash between Reigns and Sikoa versus The Usos at the highly anticipated WWE Money in the Bank event. However, it is essential to note that these plans have yet to be finalized and are still taking shape.

Should this match come to fruition, it would mark the first Bloodline vs. Bloodline encounter since the fall of 2020 when Reigns defended the WWE Universal Championship against Jey. Notably, the Bloodline had yet to be officially formed, making this potential tag team showdown the first actual civil war battle within the Anoa'i family.

The implications of this match remain ambiguous—whether it will serve as a culmination of The Bloodline's current iteration or simply a friendly competition among the four individuals. In the realm of professional wrestling, "civil war" inter-faction tag matches have captivated audiences before, exemplified by The Elite's Young Bucks facing off against Kenny Omega and Hangman Page at AEW Revolution 2020 and Bullet Club's Cody Rhodes and Marty Scurll squaring off against Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa at NJPW Strong Style Evolved 2018.

As the speculation surrounding The Bloodline's fate intensifies, fans eagerly await the next chapter in this enthralling saga, wondering if the bonds of kinship can withstand the impending collision between these formidable forces.

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