Tag Team Chams Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez Forced to Relinquish WWE Women's Titles


Tag Team Chams Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez Forced to Relinquish WWE Women's Titles
Tag Team Chams Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez Forced to Relinquish WWE Women's Titles

WWE made an unexpected revelation during this week's Monday Night Raw regarding Liv Morgan's injury, which had occurred on Friday Night SmackDown the previous week. Initially, the severity of the damage and the duration of her absence were left undisclosed.

However, Friday Night SmackDown provided a substantial update on the matter. To the dismay of fans worldwide, Michael Cole solemnly announced that Liv Morgan's injury was significant, resulting in her being sidelined for a substantial time.

Consequently, Liv and her tag team partner, Raquel Rodriguez, have been regrettably compelled to relinquish their coveted women's tag team titles. In a bid to fill the void left by Morgan and Rodriguez, an intriguing match was unveiled for the upcoming May 29th episode of Monday Night Raw.

This highly anticipated contest will be a Fatal 4-Way, pitting formidable duos against one another in a fierce battle for championship glory. The teams vying for the prestigious titles include Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler, Bayley & IYO SKY, Sonya Deville & Chelsea Green, and Raquel Rodriguez with an undisclosed partner.

Raquel Rodriguez's Determination to Reclaim

The WWE then aired an interview featuring Raquel Rodriguez, who expressed her determination to promptly secure a new partner to mount a formidable challenge for the tag team titles.

The urgency to find a suitable replacement partner loomed large for Rodriguez, as time was of the essence in her pursuit to reclaim the championship belts. In another unfortunate twist, Bayley, one half of the Bayley & Dakota Kai tag team, disclosed that her partner Dakota Kai had also suffered an injury, rendering her unavailable for competition.

Consequently, Bayley was forced to forge a new alliance with the capable IYO SKY in their quest for championship glory. The revelation of Liv Morgan's significant injury and the subsequent forfeiture of the women's tag team titles added intrigue and anticipation to the WWE landscape.

As the Monday Night Raw Fatal 4-Way loomed on the horizon, the WWE Universe eagerly awaited the announcement of Raquel Rodriguez's mystery partner and the thrilling clash that would determine the new women's tag team champions.

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