WWE RAW Star Hints at Parting with Veteran Manager


WWE RAW Star Hints at Parting with Veteran Manager
WWE RAW Star Hints at Parting with Veteran Manager

WWE RAW's faction, Maximum Male Models, is experiencing internal rifts, casting a shadow over the previously humorous camaraderie within the group. Composed of Maxxine Dupri, Mace, and Mansoor, the faction was chosen in this year's WWE RAW draft.

Max Dupri, formerly the group's leader, now appears as LA Knight on SmackDown, leaving his storyline sister, Maxxine Dupri, in charge of the group. Dupri's recent attempts to persuade Otis from American Alpha to join their ranks have been amusing.

Yet, beneath the façade of light-heartedness, cracks appear within the Maximum Male Models. The discord came to light when Mace, known for his in-ring intensity, posted a cryptic tweet that read, "You think you know someone."

The 32-year-old wrestler didn't stop there. Today, he stirred the pot further by amplifying fan tweets that ridiculed Maxxine Dupri. Among them was a particularly biting comment suggesting Dupri deserved to be "canceled," which Mace promptly shared on his Twitter feed.

Stratton Desires Dupri's Management

Meanwhile, Maxxine Dupri's management skills have attracted the attention of NXT's rising star, Tiffany Stratton. The 24-year-old expressed her admiration for Dupri during an interview on NotSam Wrestling.

Stratton hinted at a possible collaboration with Dupri, stating, "Of course! I would love for Maxxine to take me to the tippy top. We would blend so well together. We could tag in the future." Despite their limited screen time, the Maximum Male Models continue to engage their audience with humorous videos on social media.

However, as entertaining as the group is, Maxxine Dupri's infatuation with Otis appears to be causing discord within the faction. Mace's recent online discontent signals potential friction between him and his manager, Maxxine Dupri.

As this interpersonal drama unfolds, whether these issues will spill over onto WWE RAW's main storyline remains to be seen. Such a development could significantly reshape the dynamics of the Maximum Male Models, offering a rich narrative arc for the WWE universe to explore.

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