Tiffany Stratton Speaks on Prolonged NXT Stint, Misses WWE Main Roster Draft

Stratton expresses resolve to evolve, regardless of WWE Draft outcomes.

by Noman Rasool
Tiffany Stratton Speaks on Prolonged NXT Stint, Misses WWE Main Roster Draft

In this year's WWE Draft, an unprecedented wave of talent from "WWE NXT" moved to the main roster. Over a dozen budding superstars from the developmental division earned spots on the premier wrestling stage. Although some "NXT" Superstars not selected might feel disappointed, Tiffany Stratton views her extended stay in "NXT" as an opportunity to perfect her in-ring skills.

In a recent appearance on the podcast "Notsam Wrestling," Stratton provided insights into her mindset regarding her current position in "NXT." Her ambitions extend beyond being drafted into the main roster; she wants to be a formidable force in the WWE landscape.

Tiffany Stratton's Ambitions Beyond NXT Call-Up

"When I get called up, I want to be a threat," Stratton affirmed during her interview. "I want to make an entrance that sparks an 'Oh no, Tiffany's here. She's prepared' kind of reaction.

I don't desire to be moved up, only to be sidelined shortly afterward. Rather, I aspire to threaten everyone on the roster substantially. Spending another year in 'NXT,' making a name for myself, and possibly securing a championship could bring me to that level of influence.

While setting her eyes on the coveted championship belt, Stratton continues her quest to become the new "NXT" Women's Champion. Following Indi Hartwell's surrendering of the title earlier this month, "NXT" assembled an eight-woman tournament to determine the successor.

Stratton defeated Gigi Dolin in the first round, marking her progression to a one-on-one semi-final bout against Roxanne Perez. If Stratton triumphs over Perez, she will proceed to the final round, facing Cora Jade or Lyra Valkyria.

The tournament finale is scheduled at the "NXT" Battleground event on May 28th. Stratton isn't the only one with a renewed commitment to "NXT." "NXT" Champion Carmelo Hayes, also overlooked in the 2023 call-ups, voiced his intention to stay in the "NXT." Echoing Stratton's sentiments, Hayes mentioned his "unfinished business" in "NXT," signifying his desire to further refine his skills before moving to the main roster.

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