Carmelo Hayes Speaks Out: Unfiltered Thoughts on WWE Draft Snub

Carmelo Hayes: Champion's Determination Fuels NXT's Soaring Ambitions.

by Atia Mukhtar
Carmelo Hayes Speaks Out: Unfiltered Thoughts on WWE Draft Snub

Carmelo Hayes, a promising talent in the WWE Universe since 2021, has recently expressed his feelings regarding the WWE Draft snub. Despite his impressive achievements, including holding the Cruiserweight Championship, the North American Championship, and the NXT World Championship, Hayes' name was notably absent from the draft proceedings earlier this month.

In an interview with, Hayes shared his perspective on the situation, expressing acceptance of RAW and SmackDown's decisions while emphasizing his dedication to accomplishing more in NXT before transitioning to the main roster.

He acknowledged the talents of those drafted, stating that they deserved the opportunity, but expressed his focus on unfinished business and his desire to be the face of the NXT brand.

Championship Reign Strengthens Carmelo Hayes' NXT Ambitions

Hayes stated, "Moving up to the main roster, it's a goal of mine, but it's not going anywhere, and I'm only going to be better, and these defenses are only going to make me stronger and better." He displayed a positive attitude and determination to continue his championship reign and elevate NXT to new heights.

While it may be surprising that Hayes was not drafted, especially considering his current status as the NXT Champion and his victories over competitors like Bron Breakker, the decision to keep him in NXT likely stems from sound reasoning within WWE Creative.

After years of chasing the championship, Hayes is ready to lead the "HIM Era" of NXT. In addition to discussing the draft snub, Hayes shared his thoughts on his upcoming match with Bron Breakker at Battleground. He believes this match will be more than a battle for the championship—a personal war.

Hayes thought that Breakker wanted to hurt and embarrass him, emphasizing the need to determine who the number one was in their ongoing rivalry. Hayes stated, "At NXT Battleground, who the real number one is, undisputed, that's where we're gonna find out." With his determination and drive, Hayes is preparing for an intense showdown, ready to prove himself as the undisputed top competitor in NXT.

As Carmelo Hayes continues to make waves in the WWE Universe, fans eagerly await his future accomplishments and the outcome of his highly anticipated match against Bron Breakker.

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