WWE NXT's Tiffany Stratton Sets Sights on Raw and SmackDown Call-Up

Exciting opportunities await Tiffany Stratton as she looks to make her mark on the main roster.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE NXT's Tiffany Stratton Sets Sights on Raw and SmackDown Call-Up

Tiffany Stratton, the rising star of WWE NXT, is on the cusp of championship glory as she prepares to face off against Roxanne Perez in the NXT Women's Championships Finals at NXT Battleground. This crucial match represents another milestone in Stratton's remarkable journey, marked by a year filled with unwavering determination and resilience, even in the face of injury.

Now, the coveted championship gold is within her reach. As fans eagerly anticipate the outcome of the upcoming clash, Stratton recently sat down with ComicBook.com's Matt Aguilar for an interview, reflecting on her extraordinary year and hinting at her aspirations for a call-up to Raw or SmackDown.

Recalling the most surreal moment of her year so far, Stratton fondly reminisced about her first-ever premium live event, NXT Stand & Deliver. Opening the show with her grand entrance, she found herself in awe of the immense arena and the electric atmosphere that enveloped her.

The experience was truly exhilarating, providing her with a tantalizing glimpse of what it means to perform on the grandest stage of all. "It was a good little taste of what it's like to be on the big stage," Stratton expressed, still captivated by the memory.

While Stratton's immediate focus remains on her title aspirations at NXT Battleground, she eagerly shared her desire to make an impact on Raw or SmackDown before the year comes to a close. "Going into 2023, I want to have some gold around my waist and I want to be a dominant champion and hopefully be called up by the end of this year and be considered a dominant force on Raw or SmackDown," she revealed, exuding confidence and ambition.

SmackDown's Ideal Stage for Tiffany Stratton

Considering her potential fit on either brand, it appears that SmackDown may provide an ideal platform for Stratton's talents. The WWE Draft has shaped the landscape, offering her numerous enticing opponents to test her mettle and an opportunity to play the role of a formidable heel against the roster's formidable babyfaces.

After a challenging injury period, Stratton made her triumphant return to the ring at New Year's Evil. During her hiatus, she dedicated herself to self-improvement, vowing to return stronger and better than ever. "I want to come back with a new look.

I want to come back shredded. I took that time away to work on myself and come back stronger than ever, and it worked," she declared, exemplifying her unwavering commitment to personal growth and success. As the NXT universe eagerly awaits the outcome of NXT Battleground, Tiffany Stratton continues to captivate fans with her remarkable journey and unwavering determination.

With her eyes set on championship glory and a future call-up, she is primed to leave an indelible mark on the world of WWE, showcasing her skills and establishing herself as a dominant force on Raw or SmackDown. The future shines brightly for this rising star, and the WWE universe eagerly awaits her next triumph.

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