Kevin Nash Spills: Jeremy Borash is Triple H's Right Hand!

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Kevin Nash Spills: Jeremy Borash is Triple H's Right Hand!
Kevin Nash Spills: Jeremy Borash is Triple H's Right Hand!

In a surprising revelation, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has unveiled Jeremy Borash, the Senior Director of Content and Development at WWE, as Triple H's indispensable "right-hand man." Nash made this noteworthy announcement on his podcast, "Kliq This," while commending Borash for his groundbreaking work in shaping Matt Hardy's iconic Broken gimmick during their time together in Impact Wrestling.

Nash expressed his admiration for Borash, stating, "Borash is absolutely in a league of his own. I mean, he's like Triple H's right-hand man." This assertion further solidifies the prominent role that Borash has assumed since Triple H took the reins of WWE's creative operations in August of last year.

Jeremy Borash's Innovative Genius Lauded by Triple H

Triple H himself has showered praise on Borash in the past, particularly for his innovative contributions to the concept of cinematic matches. The WWE executive acknowledged Borash's instrumental role in revolutionizing the format, citing the series of Hardy Compound matches in Impact Wrestling as a prime example.

Triple H described Borash as an "incredible talent with an eye for storytelling" during a media call in June 2020, expressing his excitement about collaborating with the former Impact executive and the rest of their creative team.

Further highlighting Borash's creative prowess, he was entrusted with the crucial responsibility of being the lead producer and director for Undertaker's highly acclaimed "Boneyard Match" against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36.

This match turned out to be a fitting farewell for The Deadman, capping off his legendary career in a remarkable cinematic experience. Prior to joining WWE in 2018, Borash dedicated nearly 16 years of his professional career to TNA/Impact Wrestling.

Initially serving as part of the "205 Live" broadcast team as a color commentator and a member of the "NXT" creative team, Borash's transition to WWE has evidently placed him in a position of considerable influence within the company.

While the extent of his involvement with "NXT" boss Shawn Michaels remains undisclosed, Nash's recent comments strongly imply that Borash has been actively contributing to the main roster operations, under the guidance and trust of Triple H.

As WWE's creative landscape continues to evolve under the direction of Triple H, it appears that Jeremy Borash has emerged as an invaluable asset, contributing his unique storytelling abilities to shape the future of WWE's programming.

With the endorsement of both Nash and Triple H himself, Borash's influence and impact behind the scenes are sure to make him a prominent figure in WWE's ongoing creative endeavors.

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