Tiffany Stratton's Thoughts on WWE Non-Draft, Continued NXT Tenure


Tiffany Stratton's Thoughts on WWE Non-Draft, Continued NXT Tenure

The recent WWE Draft shook the wrestling world with a remarkable surge in "WWE NXT" recruits, seeing more than a dozen developmental talents find their spots on the main roster. Yet, among those not receiving the coveted call-up was Tiffany Stratton, a promising "NXT" superstar, who finds solace in the opportunity to continue refining her abilities within the familiar confines of the ring.

Sharing her thoughts on a recent episode of "Notsam Wrestling," Stratton, rather than expressing disappointment, illuminated her perspective on remaining an "NXT" talent for the immediate future. "When that call-up comes, I want to be an imminent threat," she emphasized.

"My aim is to command attention, to be the one that provokes a 'Here comes Tiffany, fully prepared and ready to dominate.' I'm not looking to step into the ring only to be sidelined. My aspiration is to be a formidable challenger, an immediate concern to everyone."

Tiffany Stratton Eyes NXT Championship

Stratton believes that an additional year within the "NXT" framework would provide the needed time and experience to establish her reputation, potentially even achieving championship status, a feat she regards as a significant milestone.

This ambition finds Stratton currently on track for the "NXT" Women's Championship. After Indi Hartwell abdicated her title earlier this month, "NXT" set up an eight-woman tournament to determine the subsequent champion. Stratton confidently defeated Gigi Dolin in the inaugural round and now eagerly anticipates her next face-off against Roxanne Perez in the semi-finals.

Upon emerging victorious against Perez, Stratton would be poised to confront either Cora Jade or Lyra Valkyria in the finals, a thrilling match slated for the "NXT" Battleground event on May 28. Carmelo Hayes, the reigning "NXT" Champion, who also found himself exempt from the 2023 roster draft, mirrored Stratton's sentiments.

Asserting he has "unfinished business" within "NXT," Hayes joins Stratton in seeing the non-draft as an opportunity to further develop as an esteemed athlete.

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