WWE Hall of Famer Mentors Main Roster Star in Fundamental Moves


WWE Hall of Famer Mentors Main Roster Star in Fundamental Moves
WWE Hall of Famer Mentors Main Roster Star in Fundamental Moves

Batista, a legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling and a successful Hollywood star, had an intriguing start in WWE's main roster, as disclosed by a WWE Hall of Famer. Despite his impressive physical presence and eventual rise to become a six-time WWE Champion, Batista lacked some basic wrestling knowledge when he made his debut on Smackdown.

Back in 2002, after spending two years honing his skills in Ohio Valley Wrestling, Batista received the call-up to WWE's main roster. The company decided to pair him up with D-Von Dudley, as they aimed to break up the famous Dudley Boyz tag team.

Batista began his journey under the name Deacon Batista, assuming the role of Reverend D-Von's bodyguard before venturing into the squared circle. During this initial phase, D-Von Dudley recently revealed that Batista's training had needed to be completed to the extent that he was unfamiliar with delivering a clothesline.

D-Von shed light on this intriguing development during an appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet. He recalled a tag team match against Triple H where Batista's lack of training became apparent. In the match, D-Von would throw Triple H to the outside, allowing Batista to showcase his newfound skills.

However, when Batista attempted to clothesline Triple H against the ring post, the seasoned veteran cleverly evaded the attack, causing Batista to collide with the unforgiving steel instead. Afterward, Batista approached D-Von with a genuine inquiry, seeking guidance on executing the clothesline correctly when the opponent evaded it.

Astonished, D-Von asked if Batista was joking, only to realize his partner was clueless about the move. Batista explained that during his time in Ohio Valley Wrestling, he was predominantly utilized for run-ins due to his imposing size, unlike the comprehensive training received by Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and John Cena.

Mentoring Success: D-Von Guides Batista

Despite the initial challenge, D-Von Dudley took it upon himself to guide Batista through the process, knowing they both needed to succeed individually and as a duo. While D-Von expressed his apprehension about transitioning into a single role and assisting a green newcomer, the partnership worked briefly before someone ended it prematurely.

D-Von also delved into the decision to split up the Dudley Boyz in 2002, shedding light on the backstage dynamics that led to the groundbreaking change. Subsequently, Batista would move on from his stint with D-Von and join forces with Triple H, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton, forming the dominant faction known as Evolution.

Batista's tenure in WWE lasted until 2010 when he shifted his focus towards a successful acting career. His transition to Hollywood saw him appear in blockbuster franchises such as Marvel and James Bond. Batista made two triumphant returns to WWE, culminating in a final epic encounter against Triple H at WrestleMania 35, marking the end of an era in his storied wrestling journey.

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