Sting on His Character Still Resonating

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Sting on His Character Still Resonating

Sting is a legendary WCW wrestler and a WWE Hall of Famer. He is also an Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer and has won titles there. Sting retired in 2016 after his match with Seth Rollins. He announced his retirement during his Hall of Fame Speech.

Even though he is not an active wrestler, he is still booked for appearances and the fans still love him. He was at the Awesome Con fan fest that was held in Washington D.C. and held a Q and A session. There he was asked about his character and how he is still so popular.

"I don't know, I've had so many fans say there's something about your eyes!" Sting said. "Just looking into your eyes you know? Because I didn't speak for a long time and all you could do was look at was my eyes.

It was the only thing telling any kind of a story. "It's like Vince McMahon who was quoted saying one time, "I like the idea of having Sting up here! We've never had a vigilante.' I guess the vigilante aspect of it and then nostalgia.

You know you wrestling fans don't want to say goodbye to a lot of wrestlers I've noticed. Especially the older characters like my original Surfer Sting. People still say, 'Do you think you could ever do that [gimmick] again?' Like, um, no I can't pull that one off again!