Konnan Open to Latino World Order Collaboration in WWE


Konnan Open to Latino World Order Collaboration in WWE

The Latino World Order (LWO) staged a triumphant return on the eve of WrestleMania 39, featuring none other than Rey Mysterio and Legado Del Fantasma. On the same remarkable night, we also witnessed the induction of the iconic luchador into the WWE Hall of Fame by Konnan, a prominent figure in Mysterio's illustrious professional wrestling journey.

As a former WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, Konnan's affiliation with the wrestling world runs deep. A recent episode of "K100" posed an intriguing question: Would Konnan contemplate a segment with the newly-reestablished LWO? His response was resolute.

"Absolutely; why not with LWO?" Konnan affirmed, "After all, they're all my friends."

LWO's Surprising Antics at WWE Backlash

Since their revival, the LWO members have collaborated regularly, their primary antagonists being The Judgement Day.

Their rivalry culminated at WWE Backlash held in Puerto Rico earlier this month. The event featured Bad Bunny in his maiden singles match against Damian Priest, a thrilling Street Fight. The showdown was full of interventions from The Judgement Day, but LWO had some surprises.

To the audience's delight, they introduced Savio Vegan and Carlito, who stole the show with their electrifying performances. However, Konnan's connection with the contemporary version of LWO extends beyond mere camaraderie.

Over the years, he has played the role of a colleague, guide, and mentor to several LWO members. Among the Legado Del Fantasma and Mysterio, almost everyone has previously interacted with Konnan during their stints in AAA, a prominent wrestling promotion in Mexico.

Only one exception exists, making his decision to collaborate with them easily. "Each person in LWO, barring Zelina, has worked either for me or alongside me in Mexico," Konnan elaborated. With Konnan's open willingness to join forces with the LWO, fans eagerly anticipate this potential collaboration.

The friendship and professional relationships that Konnan shares with the members of LWO could lead to a fascinating segment, adding a new dynamic to the wrestling world. In the upcoming days, WWE enthusiasts will keenly follow this possible alliance's developments.

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