Booker T Predicts Imminent WWE Departure for Drew McIntyre


Booker T Predicts Imminent WWE Departure for Drew McIntyre
Booker T Predicts Imminent WWE Departure for Drew McIntyre

The speculation over former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre's future with WWE has recently intensified. WWE Hall of Famer Booker T suggests a recent booking decision could signal McIntyre's impending departure from the company. McIntyre, last seen in a WWE ring at WrestleMania 39, played a prominent role in a highly-praised Intercontinental Title match alongside competitors Gunther and Sheamus.

However, a reported "health issue" caused McIntyre to miss the April 7th episode of SmackDown, and it remains unclear when he will return to the ring.

Booker T Analyzes McIntyre's Absence

Discussing McIntyre's situation on his famous Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T reflected on the wrestler's absence from the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament.

He suggested that this decision could potentially indicate a shift in McIntyre's career trajectory: "I've heard that Drew McIntyre's contract is nearing its end, and he might be considering moving on to explore other opportunities.

The integrity of these reports remains unclear, but his exclusion from this tournament certainly sends a message," Booker T said. "We'll have to wait and see how this situation unfolds." Booker T further delved into the subject, considering the possibility that McIntyre might yearn for a change after two separate stints in WWE.

He also opined that if a wrestler wishes to leave the company, their decision should be respected: "I believe in maintaining the status quo. For me, these guys must have the ability to earn a living. I'm not advocating for a wrestling monopoly, nor do I support retaining someone unhappy.

If a wrestler wants to exit, we should respect that decision. "I think that opens up numerous possibilities regarding wrestlers transitioning between different platforms. So, if someone wants to leave, let them. Drew McIntyre has not just served one term but two in WWE.

He's well-acquainted with the system's ins and outs. Sometimes, after being in the system for a considerable period, one might yearn for a fresh start," Booker T concluded.

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