An Update on Lio Rush’s Status and Heat Backstage

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An Update on Lio Rush’s Status and Heat Backstage

This week on RAW, Lio Rush was not present and was nowhere to be seen. It is true that Bobby Lashley was not part of the show last week though, but he was present for a dark match. Even during the dark match, Rush was not there.

Lashley was present this week during broadcast, but again he was without Rush. Rush’s issues with the WWE started close to the end of 2018. PWInsider reported that Rush was a really polarizing figure and could influence other wrestlers backstage.

He once blew off a standard backstage etiquette for all junior members back in the November 2018 tour. These included providing water to the senior wrestlers that returned after wrestling, carrying coolers, serving drinks to hotel rooms and setting up social rooms.

These tasks are often done by junior wrestlers to get the respect of the senior wrestlers. Senior wrestlers tried to tell him that what he was doing was incorrect, but he didn’t listen to them. Instead he complained about it to the WWE officials and that didn’t do him any favors.

Things are now pretty calm between Rush and the WWE now, since then. Rush made another mistake however though! He started bringing non-wrestling people backstage and he misbehaves with senior staff members. We do not know when will Lio Rush return and WWE has so far been very quiet about his status.