WWE: Drew McIntyre Poised for Return After Injury Rehabilitation


WWE: Drew McIntyre Poised for Return After Injury Rehabilitation

According to recent reports, WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre appears physically fit and ready to return to the wrestling ring. Despite this positive update, unresolved creative discussions currently hinder the road to his comeback.

Dave Meltzer, a respected figure in the wrestling industry, shared on Wrestling Observer Radio (as reported by Felix Upton of Ringside News) that McIntyre's anticipated return depends heavily on him and the creative team reaching a mutual understanding of his storyline.

Meltzer informed, "The latest information suggests that McIntyre is physically ready to step back into the ring. Now, it's merely a matter of aligning his vision with the creative team."

McIntyre's Absence Stirs Speculation

Fans last saw the former WWE Champion on the network when WrestleMania 39, where he faced defeat in a high-stakes triple-threat match against Gunther and Sheamus.

McIntyre subsequently took a leave of absence to recover from an unspecified injury, a hiatus stretched to nearly two months. Amidst his time off, rumors have swirled about his contract status, adding another layer of intrigue to his absence.

Reports indicate that McIntyre's contract is set to expire early in 2024, and sources such as Fightful Select suggest that an extension agreement still needs to be reached. They further reveal that McIntyre has expressed frustration over "repeated instances of disharmony" regarding his character development and storyline within the WWE framework.

Speculation from Fightful Select also points towards a proposal for a significant character shift, transforming McIntyre into a villainous figure. However, the Superstar remains resistant to such changes, stating that he would only accept a dramatic character alteration if it "organically fits into the storyline." Despite the explosive situation, the clock has yet to run out for both parties to agree on a mutually beneficial contract extension.

However, if the current trajectory persists, McIntyre might find himself in the position of one of the most sought-after free agents in the wrestling industry. McIntyre's potential return and contract status continue to be the subjects of speculation among WWE fans, who are eagerly awaiting an official announcement on these matters.

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