Konnan Open to Rejoining Latino World Order in WWE if Invited

Wrestling veteran Konnan shows interest in a unique WWE reunion

by Atia Mukhtar
Konnan Open to Rejoining Latino World Order in WWE if Invited

On the eve of WWE WrestleMania 39, held on March 31, the Latino World Order (LWO) made a memorable comeback to the spotlight, led by the remarkable talents of Rey Mysterio and Legado Del Fantasma. That evening, legendary luchador Rey Mysterio was bestowed with an honor of enormous prestige, inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Konnan, a revered figure instrumental to Mysterio's illustrious professional wrestling career.

Konnan's Positive Response to LWO

Konnan, a former WCW United States Heavyweight Champion himself, was posed an intriguing question during a recent airing of "K100": Would he entertain the prospect of joining forces with the newly revitalized LWO for a segment? His response was unequivocal and immediate, highlighting a close-knit camaraderie.

"Absolutely. Why not with the LWO?" Konnan asserted. "After all, they are all my friends." After their formidable debut, the LWO has shown admirable unity, primarily confronting 'The Judgment Day' in an ambitious pursuit to even out the playing field.

This confrontation escalated at WWE Backlash in Puerto Rico earlier this month. In a pulse-pounding Street Fight that marked his first singles match with the company, Bad Bunny squared off against Damian Priest. Predictably, Judgment Day intervened, but the LWO had a couple of unexpected reinforcements in the form of Savio Vega and Carlito.

Their involvement led to some of the most emotional crowd responses of the entire event. The bond Konnan shares with the modern incarnation of the LWO extends far beyond mere friendship, fostering a profound professional camaraderie.

At different points in time, they have been associates, including most Legado Del Fantasma members, along with Mysterio. The majority of the LWO squad shares a connection with Konnan from their tenure in AAA, simplifying the decision for him to collaborate with them.

"Everyone in the LWO, except Zelina, has either worked for me or with me during their stint in Mexico," Konnan stated. This illustrates that the ties that bind him to the LWO are based not just on shared heritage but on shared experiences and passions within the wrestling world.

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